Since 2006, Fernando Gómez Germano has been carrying out team building activities with national and international organizations.

    Team Building

    Music and language are inseparable from our society. Drumming itself dates back to the dawn of human civilization, and our brains have evolved to process music as an analog to language. With this in mind, our team building uses the drum in its traditional role of building communities adapted to work in modern, professional environments.
    Drumming teaches skills such as leadership, active listening, and improving interpersonal communication for teamwork. These skills are easily grasped by the participants in a relaxed, fun, and energetic environment.

    Motivational Speech

    From the playful activity of communicating with drums, we learn to listen as musicians do, improving our interconnection, and collaboration to achieve common goals.

    The Drum and Teamwork

    The most important things in this dynamic are these: that all the participants have a drum and time to experiment individually, that they begin to connect with each other in an active way, and that they gradually experience the idea that it is possible to achieve all goals together.
    Learn to listen better and discover how to interact more effectively with colleagues.
    Collaborate and achieve new and exciting results.
    Experience motivation in a trusting environment, inspiring each person to give their best.
    We lead activities with an energetic, playful approach.
    Go from chaos to harmony, from doubt to trust.
    Create a team identity.

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Our Clients



    Team building for 130 participants

    “After a few days have passed, I can assure you that our team has not stopped praising the activity we have had with you.
    Thank you for the professionalism, joy, and good energy which you brought to this activity.
    We were all very happy and “plugged in” to the uplifting energy created by the drums.”
    Mary Ines Velazquez
    Human Resources
    — Montes del Plata-

    Team building for 80 participants

    “Working with Tamborilearte was an amazing experience that we will never forget as a team!
    We use each year's New Year's Eve event to include a drum workshop. The coach was very involved from the beginning in what we wanted to communicate, and how to experience ideas as a team.
    He suggested many ideas and was very flexible working with our requirements.
    We had great expectations about how the dynamic was going to take place and how the participants were going to interact, and since it began we realized that it was exactly what we needed: joy, listening to the other, team awareness, coordination, and learning to build together.
    The energy that was experienced during the workshop was exceptional.
    It was just as we planned: a real gift for everyone.”
    Jimena, HR Manager Bonset

    “It was a playful activity that stimulates an understanding of theoretical content and favors the development of related skills.
    The knowledge acquired around Communication, Leadership and Teamwork is put into practice.
    Different percussion instruments are used to promote the exchange of experiences and the construction of teams by the participants.
    This playful activity is coordinated by Fernando Gómez, musician, teacher, and director of Tamborilearte, who has carried out this type of activity for national and international, public, and private companies since 2006. “
    Frederic Kuzzel
    Manager KPMG

    Team building 46 participants

    «The experience that we shared as a company (46 colleagues) with Fernando was very rich for several reasons. It allowed us to share something at the same time, both in listening and creating something together. What the drum requires is how we would like to live throughout each day while sharing the daily activities. It was a sobering experience. The concepts of listening, cooperation, managing, and accepting the rhythm of the group over the individual are made clear before our eyes through experience. Without adding anything, all of those concepts are experienced first-hand. I can only thank him for the opportunity I had, as part of the company, to have this experience. In addition to living this, it will continue to be remembered from now on, deepening those concepts and seeking the union of all of us who are part of our business"

    Andres Bergeret


    «By means of his excellent leadership of the group and a lot of charisma, Fernando manages to integrate everyone into the activity despite their different abilities. It is also clear that there is a background he brings to the activity and it is very easy to grasp. Each one of us comes to contribute to a collective symphony.»

    Pedro Bertón – PSS Manager

    Puerto Sauce