Fernando Gomez is a musician, teacher, and coach with extensive musical and team building experience. 

Fernando Gomez is the Founder of the event: “A Participant – a Drum, a different way of coaching”.

He has worked for leading national and international firms and brands, including:  

CTI Movil, Samsung, Montes del Plata, Sabre, Danone, Puerto Sauce, Just, Zonamérica.

For more than 20 years, Fernando Gomez has been a teacher and the Executive Director of Tamborilearte ( He is recognized as an innovative cultural manager and has worked for the Carrasco International Airport, ABN AMRO Bank, the Ministry of Social Development, Bilingual Schools in the USA, the Crandon Institute, Universities, Municipalities, Public Schools, and Colleges.

He has participated in television, radio, and written programs while holding events in Canada, Spain, and Argentina.

My notes

I am so incredibly grateful to be able to hold these team building events.

I am always sure that we succeed in our activities. Do you know why? 

Because at the end of each of them, there is always that inexplicable, renewing energy that surrounds us, which will continue to be present days after living the experience.

Through the years of sharing these activities, I am convinced that people, no matter how many barriers we have, are more united than separated. We are connected, we communicate, and we need union for our individual and collective well-being.

I can see in every group our collective human nature, fascinating, diverse, and contradictory, but wonderful.

I am a witness to how groups go from being a collection of individuals to a team working in harmony, experiencing the music of the drums, and understanding in a new way the related theoretical aspects.

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I work with organizations that want to improve themselves, grow, collaborate more to achieve their goals and become a better team, build mirrors that show us the best version of ourselves.

In 2006, life brought me closer to the great master of music therapy for children, Nedy Bautista. Working together, I saw a new path of music and sound applicable to the corporate world.

Today, I help change the paradigm from anxiety to trust, from living in fear of mistakes to embodying an attitude of, "Here we are, let's do it!"

At one pivotal point in my life, I was in charge of gathering 734 drummers to play all together in the street.

The idea seemed impossible. More than 20 of these groups were already organized into their manner of playing. They carried their own identities, their own dynamics and leaders. We also allowed individuals who wanted to play and participate with their drums to join freely.

In this massive leadership challenge, the connection between the participants and their musical sense was under close observation.

Success was uncertain at best.

However, when I saw that the attitude of collaboration prevailed above all else, I knew without a doubt that we were going to achieve what we set out to do. 

The ending was a success; we walked in synchronization with all of the drums for seven blocks in a row. There was harmony, an atmosphere of active listening, and no one wanted to impose their rhythm on others. Rather, it was the construction of a common rhythm. The performance was far above what we had set out to do, and that purpose united us.