Team Building With Drums

Team building with Drums is an activity that Fernando Gómez has been doing since 2006 for important Corporations and National and International Organizations.

A Team Building is a participatory event that is organized to foster personal relationships and strengthen team spirit.

Music and language are inseparable from our society. Drumming itself dates back to the dawn of human civilization, and our brains have evolved to process music as an analog to language. With this in mind, our team building uses the drum in its traditional role of building communities adapted to work in modern, professional environments. 
Drumming teaches skills such as leadership, active listening, and improving interpersonal communication for teamwork. These skills are easily grasped by the participants in a relaxed, fun, and energetic environment. 

Guided by his charisma, patience, humor and his special ability to find "the right moment", he manages to share his stories and experiences in the world of drumming as a metaphor and significance of teamwork. 

Manage to perceive the group fact from another perspective, "resonating" together with trust and collaboration, prioritizing integration above competition.

Participating in a team building with 200 drummers all playing together at the same time for the first time is a wonderful thing to see and feel. Getting that mix and harmony, when a priori it seems impossible. In teamwork we navigate from Chaos to Harmony.

Ancestral drum and equipment

"Coming together as a team is the beginning. Staying as a team is progress. Working as a team ensures success"

The most important thing in this dynamic is that all the participants have a drum and a time with which to experiment individually, establish connections with their peers, connect actively, experiencing the idea that it is possible to achieve it all together.

Without the need for prior knowledge of music and by dividing groups with clear functions, some will do the arm wrestling, others will improvise while having fun, creating their own rhythms, feeding bridges of communication that will later be used for regular and daily work.

Achieve confidence and the joy of being part of a wonderful experience on an equal footing, no matter where each person is on the ladder in their company or organization. The strength lies in the mix and complement of the parts, in having its own identity and differential as a team.

"One Participant One Drum" 
A different way of coaching.

1. Listen better and discover how to interact with other colleagues.
The first skill is learning to listen, to be connected.
In the modern life that we have to live, pausing to listen to the other is a rare habit and has become a true treasure to achieve good communication. 

Listening is not just Hearing, it is being attentive, stopping what we are doing, being present. Finding connections with your co-workers is the first step to creating collaboration.

2. Collaborate and achieve new and exciting results. Without the participation and positive contribution of each one it is impossible to achieve it. 

It is an attitude.

3. Motivation in an environment of trust to be able to give your best.

It is essential to have a good work space, comfortable and well harmonized for the achievement of our objectives.

These events are usually held in spaces far from daily activity, in a different environment, to allow them to free themselves from tensions and thus relate in a relaxed way with their colleagues.

Whether in our Team Work with Drums or in our office, lounge or usual work space.

4. Fun, energy and achieve.

» Find a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life » 

Love and enjoy what we do. Achievements are achieved through the harmony of balancing spaces and personal aspirations with those of the team.

5. We go from chaos to harmony, from doubt to trust. 
Today the individual agenda, personal aspirations, excessive egos and individualism are the main cause of the collapse of promising projects.

When both realities, the individual and the collective, are not in tune, chaos and disconnection appear and the best energy for entrepreneurship will be lost in that fight.
Through these activities we help to create bridges and collaborative ties that will serve to harmonize and create harmony for the future.

6. Having an identity as a team is when we are clear about our mission and the why of our purpose, but fundamentally when we feel part of a team capable of achieving it. If we believe in ourselves.

7. These experiences will continue in the conversations of the participants days after having done them. 

Program and Logistics
Duration: from 60 to 75 minutes
Audience: groups of 10 to 250 people 


  • Amplification system with headphone microphone. 
  • A space large enough to set up a group in a concentric circle or circles.
  • Small stage in the center 
  • No obstructions and good lighting.
  • Chairs without armrests for attendees 


From the playful activity with drums we learn to listen as musicians do, understand my part embedded in a whole, see how an instrument is part of an orchestra and how my best performance and talent make everyone's Music.

We share anecdotes and stories lived in the world of music and drumming that reinforce the simplest and most relevant ideas of Team Work.

Programs for Leaders and people with the mission of motivating and leading groups, it is an opportunity to learn to lead with confidence and humility.

When managers need to assemble a team to come up with challenging and time-sensitive goals.

Leadership in action. Imagine having to take a group of people who have been given tools that have never worked before and achieve a goal that they think is impossible with the perfect mix of patience, encouragement, trust building, constructive criticism, motivation and confidence.
Generally reviewed as "conference highlight" -

Leaders need to collaborate too! gives leaders tips, tools, and techniques on how to work with teams to get the best out of them.

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Team Building for the OCA Community. 40 participants September 16 – 2022. Hyatt Hotel, Montevideo.